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Air passengers have to pay for music

IP News from duytho.comThe Vietnam Music Copyright Protection Centre has announced that it will charge copyright fees on the institutions which directly or indirectly use musical works.

Under the announcement made by the centre, air carriers will have to pay VND600 for every passenger on their international flights and VND300 for every passenger on domestic flights.


As for railway passengers, the fee will be VND250 per passenger per annum, while the fee for other means of transport will be VND200 per passenger. The radio broadcasting agencies will have to pay the sums of money equivalent to 0.4, while television agencies will have to pay 0.26 of the total turnover plus the sums of money to be collected from advertisement (at least VND12mil or $750 a year).


As for other services like karaoke and massage, the centre will charge VND20,000 per day for a service room.


The centre is negotiating with hotels, supermarkets and trade centres on charging music copyright fees.

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