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All needed information about Laos Trademarks

There is necessary information that related to Laos Trademarks that you need to know when wanting to have an application file in Laos.

Some information in short about Laos Trademarks

The legislations will be based on the Prime Minister’s Decree on Trademarks. No 06/PM. These legislations were established in 1995 and have been used until now. The trademark is like a sign which is used to indicate the connection between the ones who have rights to use the sign as well as all their products and services. Those signs can be the names, words, letter, numbers, logos, slogans, or all above factors that are combined.

The trade mark must fit into these following elements. The trademark must be distinctive from others. It cannot be generic or be similar to the previous trademark. The geographic name or sur name aren’t accepted. The signs mustn’t be scandalous, confusing, deceptive or offensive. Moreover, the signs must not include directly to the character or the products/services’ nature.


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Since 1998, Laos has become a member of the Paris Convention. All the applications from the convention countries would be subject to Laos in the right priority date. After 6 months from the first application is summited, the priority application will be done. The priority applications can be applied as the rule of “First to File”. The trademark effect will be lasted for 10 years, after that it can be renewed for each of 10 years.

The procedures in making Laos trademarks

There are 3 steps that applicants need to follow to make the applications for Laos trademark.

  • Application: The application is required to filed to the registers of patents during 12 months from the date of priority.
  • Substantive Examination: It takes about a half of a year from the publication foe the substantive examination to be finished.
  • Registration: At least 2 months will be the time of the registration duration. Since the date of application, the registration will be effective.


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Necessary documents for the application of Laos trademarks

  • The application form is the most important document that cannot be missed
  • The power from the Attorney
  • 20 copies of the mark
  • The list of products or services. The list needs to base on the Nice International Classification
  • The applicant’s full name, nationality and the registered address
  • For those marks that don’t include English words, the transliteration or translation need to be applied
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