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An inconsiderable case, considerable warning

IP News from duytho.comIn the process of international integration, changing the logos of enterprises to be more professional is necessary but changing logos can sometimes cause more problems than it solves. For example, the logo of Hanoi General Corporation of Construction (Ha

There are many identical and similar logos

According to fine arts experts, inspectors of the Ministry of Culture and Information requested that Harcorp change its logo because it was identical to the logo of The Wexan Group Ltd of America. Even though The Wexan Group Ltd has not registered either copyright or intellectual property in Vietnam, we have to respect its copyright as stipulated by the Berner Convention.


To protect ourselves.

According to a “survey on 500 well-known trademarks in Vietnam in 2006” released by VCCI, over 50 belong to Vietnamese enterprises. This demonstrates that Vietnamese enterprises are paying greater attention to trademarks investments. But they don’t know how to assess the value of well-known trademarks in Vietnam. Meanwhile, the values of many globally well-known trademarks have been assessed at billions of dollars. For example, Nike is valued $9.26 billion, Gap at $7.87 billion, and Chanel at $4.41 billion. Obviously, the value of these well-known trademarks signals that they have become deeply embedded in the consumer consciousness.


Making differences to safeguard:

Nowadays, There are three ways to build a logo:  1) self-design; 2) hold a design competition; and 3) hire a professional trademark- making company. Small enterprises usually employ the first method. Probably the majority of Vietnamese enterprises prefer the second method.  Vietnamese enterprises don’t often use the third method because it is too expensive.  For example if an enterprise wants to hire a professional trademark making company, it could cost tens of thousands of dollars.  However, now there are some foreign professional trademark-making companies operating in Vietnam to meet the demands of growing enterprise. For example, Richard Moore Trademark Consulting and Developing Company signed contracts valued at tens of thousands of dollars with Vietnamese enterprises.

Not only new companies but also companies with well-established  trademarks pay attention to  logo design as it contributes to developing business strategies. For instance, Vietnam Airlines decided to replace the logo “the wings of a bird” with “the golden lotus” in an effort to change its image. Although, Secoin company has positioned itself prominently in the market and bears a well-known trademark, it still decided to pay $14,000 to hire a professional American trademark-making company to redesign its logo. Additionally, Intel has just changed its longtime logo.

Each trademark is distinct, but they all have the same purpose,  which is to bear the symbol, motto, and culture of companies in a simple, memorable,  and consistent manner.


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