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Announcement of the 10 most famous trademarks in Vietnam

IP News from duytho.comIn the evening of April 5th, 2006, a “Trademark view” festival night took place at Hanoi Opera House to honour Vietnam’s famous trademarks.

Mr Doan Duy Khuong, the Vice Chairman of VCCI said: “The festival night is a significant present of the organizing board, the society and consumers…given to all enterprises, the trademarks have made a great contribution to the country’s wealth and in service of the Vietnamese lives at present and in the future”.


Therefore, the festival night is the place where businessmen directly meet and share their experience in trademark establishment.


10 most famous trademarks of Vietnam ranking according to goods industry were announced at the festival night as follows: Biti’s (fashion industry), Dam Sen Cultural Park (life service industry), Daso (cosmetic chemistry and pharmacy), Dong Tam Brick (Real Estate – Construction – Interior furniture), Kim Dan (non-electronic durable utensil industry), LiOA (Electricity – Electronics – Household electricity), Asian East Bank (Bank – Finance – Insurance), Mai Linh Taxi (Vehicles – Transport Service – Fuel), Viettel (Post – Telecommunication – Informatics), Vinamilk (Food – Drinking).


Additionally, the organizing Board also announced Vietnam’s 10 most famous trademarks for 10 large industries which were given the “2006 Trademark View” Prize. They are Prudential, Biti’s, Dutch Lady, Dong Tam Brick, Honda, Kim Dan, Metro, Nokia, Omo, Sony.


These trademarks were carried out survey by ACNielsen market studying Company through direct assessments of over 3,000 Vietnamese consumers at all ages and from all walks of life.

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