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Another company infringes software copyright in Ho Chi Minh City

IP News from duytho.comOn June 8, 2006, an interdepartmental team including inspectors of the Ministry of culture and information and police of the office of anti-high technology crimes of C15 department of the Ministry of police discovered that An Phat Commerce and Services Pr

It was the fourth cooperative inspection by the inspectorate of the Ministry of culture and information and the office of anti-high technology crimes. This cooperation was started at the beginning of the year and has been carried out with great effort to constrain the pervasive software copyright infringement happening in Vietnam. 

At An Phat, the interdepartmental team wrote up the proceedings of infringement and confiscated 26 CPUs which were installed with unlicensed copies of Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Office 2003, ACD See 7.0, Corel Draw 11, Lac Viet Dictionary, AutoCAD 2004, and 65 CDs which contained unlicensed software. 

According to initial calculations, An Phat was in possession of unlicensed software valued at $137,774, or 2.2 billion VND.

In the coming time, economic police, market controllers and professional inspectors will intensify to supervise and check the computer assemblage unit, the informatics companies suspected of unlawfully installing software in computers to sell to their customers, and even the consumers suspected of unlawfully using the software.

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