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Anti-counterfeit association established in Vietnam

IP News from duytho.comTo improve and enforce laws on intellectual property in Vietnam, the country has set up its first-ever anti-counterfeit association for foreign-invested companies April 12.

The Vietnam Anti-Counterfeiting and Intellectual Property Protection Association of Foreign-Invested Enterprises (VACIP) held its first congress Tuesday.

Copyright law training

Not only will VACIP protect member’s Intellectual Property rights and fight against counterfeit goods in Vietnam, it will also provide training on intellectual property laws to consumers, relevant government officials and Vietnamese enforcement agencies, said managing partner of law firm Baker & MacKenzie in Ho Chi Minh City, Fred Burke.

The association also aims to coordinate with state bodies to fight against counterfeits and intellectual property violations in Vietnam. It will also make official proposals to state bodies concerning fake goods battles and intellectual property strategies.

In addition, VACIP will also be a forum for enterprises to share their experiences in fighting violations.

VACIP, approved this year by Vietnam’s Ministry of Home Affairs, will work under the operation of first chairman, Pierre Dallemagne, who is also chairman of Unilever Vietnam.

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