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Brand name registration ignored

IP News from duytho.comOnly 25 of Vietnam’s 200,000 enterprises have registered their trademarks, despite a growing awareness of their value as an asset and an effective tool in the nation’s global economic integration, said Tran Viet Hung, deputy director of the Intellectual

He said the country’s best selling and most prestigious products are vulnerable to being imitated, citing the fact 90 of music recordings and computer software in the Vietnamese market are counterfeit.

While the department has received 300 complaints related to trademark violations so far this year, statistics have shown Vietnam handles an average of more than 3,000 intellectual property violation cases each year, said Hung, adding this demonstrated a limited awareness of Intellectual Property rights in general, and brand name protection in particular.

In an effort to enhance enterprises’ awareness and encourage them to protect intellectual property, the Vietnam Intellectual Property Association and Intellectual Property Department recently launched a website, at www.nhanhieuviet.com.vn. The site is focused on protecting the nation’s top brand names and helping enterprises conduct research and register IP in foreign countries, said the association’s chairman, An Khang.

The website will also be a forum for company managers and consultants to exchange ideas on issues including legal framework and government policies, and provide support on building competitive brand names, agreed Hung.

During the economic integration process, the registration of trademarks in Vietnam and abroad is an essential step, especially for companies intending to take part in export activities, he said.

Having established brand names make it easier for companies to penetrate international markets, resolve IP violations, and prevail in instances of unfair competition, Khang added.

Pham Thi Minh Vuong, deputy general director of the Vietnam Telephone Directory and Yellow Pages Joint-stock Company, said that awards presented to the nation’s most prestigious brand names would help them establish international standing when they integrate into regional and global markets.


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