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Centre for Vietnamese Literature Copyright is opening

IP News from duytho.comOn 2 November 2005, the Centre for Vietnamese Literature Copyright will officially open at the Center for Le Hong Phong International Conference (at 11 Le Hong Phong, Hanoi)

At the time when the Bern Convention will officially come into effect, the fact that the Center for Vietnamese Literature Copyright is opening is a favorable condition to protect copyright in Vietnamese cultural work.

The Center for Vietnamese Literature Copyright will coordinate with the authorities to set up, propagate guidelines, and policies of the State in the field of copyright. Additionally, the Center’s role is to implement the rights transferred under contract by its members; to protect the members’ legal rights and interests when they are violated,  to encourage creativity through social activities; to mediate disputes between members; and to cooperate with correlative international organizations and nations in implementing literature copyright.

With its functions and roles, the Center can be seen as a bridge towards an advanced, equitable intellectual property culture. And as it contributes to develop Vietnam’s science, technology and culture, the center can assist in further integrating Vietnam into the world economy.

Mr Nguyen Phan Hach, Director of the Center said: “At the present, the Center has established some diplomatic relationships with the Department of Copyright, Vietnam Television, some publishing houses as well as started to set up collaborator networks in other countries through translators, world-wide copyright organizations and Vietnamese counselors overseas”.

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