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Copyright violators might have to pay over VND100mil

IP News from duytho.comThe Ministry of Culture and Information has proposed a new decree on protecting copyrights that lays out punishments for those found guilty of copyright violations.

New items in this draft legal document are that individuals, organisations which violate the regulations on copyrights shall be given warnings or fined; and that these violators will be required to publish their apologies, denials through mass media.

Regarding fines, violators quoting parts of a written work without specifying names of authors or sources shall be required to pay an amount of VND500,000 (US$31.25). Individuals, organisations using the whole written work without stating names or incorrectly stating names of authors shall be fined an amount of VND2mil (US$125).

If someone violates the law by depriving an author of his right to have his or her name posted on the work, he or she shall be fined a maximum amount of VND20mil (US$1,250). Violators who break the law by illegally broadcasting unauthorised programmes shall be fined amounts ranging from VND70mil – VND100mil (US$4,375 – US$6,250). If values of those programmes are determined to exceed VND100mil (US6,250), the fines can be five times higher than the values.

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