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Counterfeit fight requires business input

IP News from duytho.comVietnamese businesses should lead the fight against counterfeit goods and copyright violations in the country, said Christine Lai, general director of the French Producers Co-operative, adding that only close co-operation of businesses and authorities can

According to analysis from French experts, businesses have two ways to protect their intellectual property. The first is to keep their technologies or ideas secret while they exploit their advantages.

This is not often feasible in today’s fast-paced high-tech business world, where technology can be discovered, disseminated and applied in a very short time, she said.

The other is to use laws to protect Patents and patent applications, which they said was the most practical solution for most businesses. Companies can find legal protection through copyright and intellectual ownership registration.

However, the experts warned, because companies can find ways to disguise copyright violations, judicial and State agencies encounter difficulties protecting businesses. They said that co-operation from the private sector was essential.

Lai said businesses have three main solutions to counter the problem. Firstly, she said, businesses can set up an office to be in charge of their own intellectual ownership rights.

This solution is most feasible for big corporations with great economic potential. She said in developing countries, where small and medium-sized businesses are more commonplace, this solution needs to be implemented in co-ordination with government authorities.

The second way is to establish a network of collaborators to protect business interests, staffed with intellectual property legal experts. Other staff could monitor counterfeit goods in the market-place or online.

And thirdly, businesses can employ systems designed to help vendors and enforcement agencies easily differentiate between legitimate and counterfeit goods using ‘smart labels’.

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