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Culture ministry steps Intellectual Property rights protection

IP News from duytho.comThe Ministry of Culture and Information and the Business Software Alliance on Nov. 7 jointly announced the formation of a partnership in a bid to promote enforcement of intellectual property (IP) rights related to software. The partnership includes the ministry’s Copyright Office and inspectors and is the first international partnership in Vietnam working in IP rights protection.

“The Vietnamese Government and relevant agencies will continue to further enforce IP rights, not only in computer-trading companies but also in businesses,” said the ministry’s chief inspector, Vu Xuan Thanh.

Thanh said protection of IP was even more essential as Vietnam joins the WTO, by which software piracy is strictly prohibited.

“One of the biggest challenges for major software companies to overcome in Vietnam is piracy,” said Tarun Sawney, anti-piracy director of the Business Software Alliance (BSA) Asia.

BSA is the voice of the world’s leading software developers and was ready to support the Vietnamese Government in IP rights protection and raising public awareness of IP rights, said Sawney.

BSA, which earlier this year held a series of seminars on software asset management (SAM) for domestic and foreign enterprises in Vietnam, is an organisation dedicated to promoting a safe and legal digital world, Sawney said.

According to the Ministry of Culture and Information, the Government in recent years has accelerated the enforcement of copyrights law in the software sector in an efforts to promote a healthier business climate for foreign investors and help develop the fledgling domestic software industry.

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