Disadvantaged unregistered Intellectual Property Rights

The inventor of our country only fear of others stealing patents, should not registration of intellectual property. That only damage themselves, and the invention will fall into a “glass case for display only,” said Nguyen Thanh Binh, Head of Representative Office in Ho Chi Minh City Department of Intellectual Property. Minh said.

Loss of patent for publication soon?

Has filed more than 10 patents application, but Nguyen Quang Ngoc (Tan Binh District, HCMC. HCM) does not want to publicize the invention. Because according to him, when patents or published patent products out of the market soon (when they can not grow it commercially), it will likely stolen invention is very large. Or they will rely on its innovative products a certain factor, then go sign up. Thus, we would also do me.

Evidence for their opinions Jade tells him the story of the rice plant cutting machine full utility of Nguyen Duc Tam (in Cat Tien, Lam Dong) has been taking a Japanese company manufacturing and selling for $ 10 / unit. “It is a good idea, but because his mind has announced its product information too soon. Anything as a result,” he said Ngoc.

Ngoc Anh said, adding that the reason was his initiative Mind “stealing” that he could not do anything because he does not mind applying for his patents. Because he does not know the law center, the press published soon be the new “carpet” as such. To avoid such cases, he rejected Ngoc also announced his invention of the newspaper (although the patents application was filed).
Raising awareness about intellectual property, many programs on Intellectual Property Management Department has been organized (Photo: San Thai)

To raise awareness about intellectual property, multiple programs on Intellectual Property Management Department has been organized (Photo: San Thai)

Apply for preemptive

According to Nguyen Thanh Binh, head of the representative office in Ho Chi Minh City Department of Intellectual Property. HCM is the patent published in the media prior to the filing or registration of patents granted by the patent owner can not be conditions when the phenomenon of counterfeiting or product patent dispute.

For such inventions, industrial designs, trade secrets …, if an employer protect themselves, not apply to intellectual property rights when goods are put on the market that is being copied they have to bear. Only when they sign the new authorities to protect their base.

Of course, not a complete new product standards apply. Which of the implementation process patent, the inventor should apply prior to prioritize. Then continue perfecting his invention. By Intellectual Property Law stated: applications for registration of industrial property have priority on the priority filing date of the first application, Mr. Binh advice.

Mr Binh also issued a warning that the phenomenon of counterfeit is very much present. So whether product patent is registered or not is still being copied. But the benefits of the patented supplementary aids will be limited when detecting counterfeit goods and their products have to pass the patent owner or the applicant has the right to give notice in writing of its users have applicant. In indicating the filing date and the date of publication in the Official Gazette of Industrial Property for which the end use.

In any case, the use of the invention does not stop the “imitation” patent product, they have to pay a compensation equivalent to transferring the right to use patents, industrial designs, topographies and place it within the expiry date respectively.

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