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Disappearance of the “National” trademark in the Vietnamese market

IP News from duytho.comFrom now on, Vietnamese consumers will have to familiarize themselves with the disappearance of National products. Matsushita Corporation formally merged the two trademarks “National” and “Panasonic” into a unique trademark – “Panasonic (same word)”. This

Matsushita Home Appliances Factory in Thang Long – Hanoi Industrial Zone formally started to operate in October. It is expected that some products such as fridges, washing machines and gas stoves produced at this factory under the “Panasonic” trademark will appear in the market in early November.


According to Representative of Matsushita, “This campaign’s purpose is to unify the “National – Panasonic” trademark, to mark the establishment of Matsushita Home Appliances Vietnam Co., Ltd. and to unify promotional programs. Matsushita’s member company in Vietnam will concentrate its labor resources on the “Panasonic” trademark to increase investment effects. Matsushita’s factories in Vietnam are producing a series of high-grade products to improve the prestige of the “Panasonic” trademark in Vietnam”.


In the early November, Matsushita is going to ramp up advertisement of its products and open a nation-wide trademark marketing campaign. From 1 November 2003 to 18 January 2004, Matsushita Corporation’s companies in Vietnam are going to carry out a large-scale promotional program named “Panasonic gold week” with prizes worth nearly 1 billion Vietnam dong. A prize is given to one customer per day, with a total of 79 prizes to be given out by the end of the program. The event will culminate with the awards ceremony-broadcast on television.


Starting 4 January, the old symbol of the world’s number one microchip producer will disappear. The Intel logo bearing the letter “e”, which was formally lower than the other letters, will be raised instead and encompassed by a circle that shows ceaseless movement.


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