Duy Loi folding hammock wins case in US

US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) abrogates patent granted to Taiwanese entrepreneur, Chung Sen Wu.

According to the legal representatives for HCM City-based Duy Loi Private Enterprises, the USPTO’s has ruled that the hanging structure of Chung Sen Wu’s hammock is an exact replica of Duy Loi’s folding hammock hanging frame.

The industrial design of Lam Tan Loi’s folding hammock earned a patent of the National Office of Intellectual Property on March 23, 2000. Meanwhile, Chung Sen Wu applied for a patent for an equivalent product on August 15, 2001.

In 2004, HCMC-based Duy Loi Private Enterprise lodged a lawsuit against Chung Sen Wu for copying its folding hammock design and registering a patent with the USPTO.

Duy Loi director Lam Tan Loi said that the USPTO’s decision would open the US market for his company’s folding hammock. After winning the case Loi now plans to export his product to the US.

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