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Enterprises neglect offshore trademark registration

IP News from duytho.comNot many Vietnamese enterprises register their trademarks abroad, according to Tran Viet Hung, Deputy Head of the National Office for Intellectual Property.

He cited the example that while only 164 out of 1.3mil of Vietnamese trademarks are registered in the US, almost 9,000 American trademarks have been registered in Vietnam.

At a workshop entitled “Building Vietnamese trademarks and protecting trademarks” on August 29, Mr Hung reported that the 20,000 registered trademarks in Vietnam is small in comparison with the country’s 100,000 enterprises. This figure reflects poor awareness among local companies of the role and value of trademarks, he said.

According to the National Office for Industrial Property, last year companies requested for registering 8,800 trademarks, up by 39 over 2001. The number was nearly 5,500 in the first half of this year, up 30 compared to the same period of last year.

However, Vietnamese companies are still sluggish in registering their trademarks abroad, which has resulted in losses of trademarks. For example, Indonesian companies registered the Vinataba trademark in 14 countries, while an American company registered the Trung Nguyen coffee trademark in the US.

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