Farmar Law Office

Farmar Law Office was first founded in Taichung in the year of 1991, by the original name of ChingDing Law Office, mainly engaged in legal services. By the year of 2001, due to the developing of Intellectual property, the patent related business was added, the office then renamed as “Farmar International Patent & Law Office”. Due to the expanding of international and patent & law business, Taipei’s office was established in early 2004 and operate till now.

Currently Farmar have both Taipei and Taichung offices, and consists of three departments: Law, patent and administration. The patent department divides into Biochemistry (Biotechnology, Medicine, Chemical industry, Material and Biomedical Engineering), Engineering (Electrical and electronic engineering, Semiconductor, Photoelectricity, Communication, Mechanical Engineering and relevant products) and Specialist of Administration. The team is from the prior members of Review Committee Intellectual Property Office and from many well-qualified experts with PhD of technical leadership experience; The Law department is a team of professional attorneys, all are of more than 10 years practicing, proficient in civil and commercial law, criminal law, administrative rules, financial regulations, cross-straits affairs. In addition, we have law and Trademark Division for handling the law and trademark affairs.

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