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Fees set for .vn domain name registration

IP News from duytho.com

Individuals and organizations registering domain names and IP (Internet Protocal) addresses in Viet Nam will see reduced fees under new Ministry of Finance guidelines.

Under the new decision, fees for changing technical parameters on a domain name will fall from 250,000 VND (15.60 USD) to 180,000 VND (11.25 USD).

The fees for second-level domain names will remain unchanged, while third-level fees are now set at 450,000 VND (28.12 USD). Domain names in Vietnamese will be exempt from fees, it said.

The charge for changing a domain name will be 250,000 VND, except for those in Vietnamese, while annual fees to maintain a domain name are to be 480,000 VND for a third-level name and 24 million VND a year for a second-level domain name.

Registration and management fees for IPs will range from 1 million to 29.5 million VND (62.50-1,843 USD), while annual maintenance fees will be 8 million to 285 million VND (500-17,812 USD), according to the finance ministry guidelines.

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