Filing a cancellation and/or termination action against a Trademark Registration

DUYTHO’s Trademark Department is in charges of all work relating to trademark, from preparing, filling and follow-up of trademark applications. Many clients ranging from individuals to big companies in the world seek our counsel to protect their trademarks in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar. The prosecution and enforcement of trademarks are particular strength of the firm.

Once trademark applications are filed we will take the lead in progressing it to registration, advising you on how any objection raised by the Trade Mark Office might be overcome and ensuring all actions are taken within the specified deadlines.

In accordance with Article 112, Law on Intellectual Property of Vietnam, as from the date an application for registration of industrial property is published in the Official Gazette of Industrial Property up until prior to the date of issuance of a decision on grant of a protection title, any third party shall have the right to express an opinion to the competent State administrative body for industrial property rights on the grant or refusal to grant a protection title for such application. Such opinions must be made in writing and be accompanied by documents or must quote the source of information.

When someone has filed a trade mark application that you think that you would be damaged by the registration of the trademark, our trademark attorneys may help file an opposition and advise on strategies to assist you to achieve a satisfactory solution.

If someone objects to your trade mark application by way of opposition, our specialists will review the merits of their case and advise you on your likelihood of success and on the best strategy to adopt. They will take all necessary measures to defend your trademark application and may reach a negotiated settlement with the other side.

If you wish to remove a trade mark from the register, or if your registrations are attacked, we can advise and act on your behalf in revocation and invalidity proceedings.

Staffed by leading professional trademark attorneys who are specialists in different business aspects and top university lecturers, the firm has successfully assisted various clients in filing trademark applications as well as opposing, canceling or invalidating trademark registration etc., satisfying clients’ needs.

To file an opposition, cancellation or invalidation action, you are required to provide us with sufficient documents proving that you have legal grounds for your requests. Contact us and tell our trademark attorneys, they will surely show you what to do.

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