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Vietnam is working to update the Food Safety Ordinance ratified in 2003 to the Vietnam’s Food Safety Law. Recently, a Food Safety Law drafting committee was formed that is headed by the health minister. Vietnam plans to have the final law draft to submit to the National Assembly by June 2009. Post will follow-up the law updating progress.

Vietnam’s Standing Committee of the National Assembly (NA), the country’s legislature approved the Ordinance on Food Safety in July 22, 2003, which regulates the hygienic processing of foods and foodstuffs.

The ordinance, with seven chapters and 58 articles, provides that all food producers and processors, including households, individuals, and organizations, must ensure hygiene during processing.

It bans all activities processing stale, addled, contaminated, poisonous and unclean foods, which are harmful to people’s health. The trading of food and foodstuffs containing germs or disease is also prohibited.

The ordinance regulates all genetically modified foods, which are quite new for most Vietnamese consumers, must be clearly labeled as such.

The ordinance became effective from November 01, 2003

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