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FPT uses legal Microsoft software

IP News from duytho.comMicrosoft and FPT on October 25 signed an agreement, under which FPT will be the first IT firm in Vietnam using copyright software products of Microsoft.

Microsoft software will be installed on 4,500 PCs of FPT within the next three years. FPT staff who use laptops can also use this software. During this time, FPT will also use all server programmes and software development tools of Microsoft.


After three years, the two sides will consider the contract again and add new copyright software for new PCs. Annually, FPT will purchase new software of Microsoft.


The agreement marks a new step in cooperation between FPT and Microsoft. “This agreement is important for FPT on the threshold of the stock market and receiving investments from international financial markets,” said FPT General Director and Chairman of the Board of Directors Truong Gia Binh.

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