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Freeing seized Truong Tho’s hammocks

IP News from duytho.comThe hammocks of Truong Tho private enterprise seized by the HCM City Market Control Sub-department were released yesterday to the producer.

On September 14, 2005, the HCM City Market Control Sub-department decided to temporarily seize 488 hammocks produced by Truong Tho as it found out that Truong Tho’s products infringed the protected industrial design of Duy Loi’s hammocks.


After that, Truong Tho petitioned that this kind of hammock first appeared in the market before 1980s, and many other enterprises in HCM City are now producing the same products. Truong Tho has asked the National Office for Intellectual Property (NOIP) to revoke the patent granted to Duy Loi’s products.


The release of the hammocks has displeased Duy Loi private enterprise. On January 10, Duy Loi officially lodged a petition to the HCM City’s Court to take legal proceedings against Truong Tho.


With the decision, Truong Tho’s once-seized hammocks will be freely sold on the market without any limitation.


Answering VietNamNet’s question: “If the court decides that Truong Tho infringes the patent on industrial design, imitating the protected goods, who will be responsible for the release?”, Huynh Kim Long, a staff of the HCM City Market Control Sub-department said the sub-department followed the instruction made by the city’s trade department. If Truong Tho is found out of violating the laws, it will have to compensate for the damages caused to Duy Loi.


At 4.30 pm of January 17, the HCM City Peoples’ Court officially announced to handle the case brought by Duy Loi.


Lam Tan Loi, the owner of the Duy Loi private enterprise told VietNamNet that he lodge a complaint to the Minister of Trade Truong Dinh Tuyen this morning, petitioning about the tardiness in settling the case.

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