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Hanoi: One more software copyright violation detected

IP News from duytho.comHanoi-based Technology Development and Informatics Company (DTIC) was yesterday fingered for violations of software copyrights.

The case came to light in the third sweep of inspections this year by the Ministry of Culture and Information in coordination with the Hightech Crime Office under the Ministry of Public Security in Hanoi and HCM City.

At the DTIC headquarters at 156 Ba Trieu Street, Hanoi, inspectors seized 10 CPUs containing illegally copied versions of software packages such as Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Office, Lac Viet Multimedia Tool for Developing language skills, Vietkey 2000, and Symantec Antivirus Corporate Edition.

Tran Van Minh, Deputy General Inspector of the Ministry of Culture and Information, who led the inspection team, said that punishment against DTIC would be announced soon, based on Decree 31/2001/ND-CP on administrative violations of culture and information materials.

“Vietnam is still among countries with high rates of intellectual property violation. The number of violations in 2005 was just as large as those of 2004. We fined more than 3,000 people, pushed more than 100 cases through court, while only 10 cases were handled through settlements,” said Deputy Head of the National Intellectual Property Office, Tran Viet Hung.

Many experts observe that more control will be established when the Intellectual Property Law takes effect this July 1.

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