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HCM City opens trading floor for ideas

IP News from duytho.comIf you have a new idea, let’s perfect it and sell it on a trading floor for ideas in HCM City.

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The first session of the trading floor for ideas in HCM City on October 22.

As many as 56 ideas were offered for sale at the “Trading floor for ideas” held at No. 80-83, Nguyen Thi Minh Khai Street, District 1, HCM City on Sunday, October 22.


This is an experimental model for marketing creative ideas and inventions in various fields held by the Vietnam Idea Book Centre (Vietbooks) in coordination with the HCM City Centre for Scientific and Technological Information (CESTI).


The ideas that were offered for sale at the above ‘trading session’ are mostly the fruits of sci-tech research projects that have been registered for intellectual property protection.


However, the organising board opens the trading floor for not only ideas in the sci-tech field but also new ideas in business and arts.


At the trading session, some ideas attracted special attention from investors, for example the idea about a cable rope ladder for high-rise buildings in case of fires by Le Quoc Khanh. Accordingly, such ladders will be installed in rooms of high-rise buildings. Whenever fires occur, people only need to cast the ladder outside and climb down.


Mr Khanh offered the idea, including the production techniques and intellectual property, for VND5 billion. Representative of the Phuong Dong Bank arranged a meeting with the author to discuss the production of this equipment. Another construction company also expressed their interest in this idea.


Another idea that lured investors’ attention belonged to sculptor Huynh Van Ba, who wants to produce a set of 54 vases about 54 ethnic groups in Vietnam.


According to the sculptor, the vases will be produced with a special colour that is very rarely exported. The price for each vase is up to VND5.2 million. The Hoa Binh Construction and Real Estate Trading Company agreed to invest in this idea.


This trading floor is also a place for businesses to request new ideas.


Nguyen Hoang IT Company announced at the trading session that it was ready to pay VND100 million to anyone who had feasible ideas to reduce the production cost of laptop to around $250-300/unit.


Meanwhile the I-Care Computer Hospital wanted to buy the idea for a slogan that can reflect its spirit.


Organisers said that the trading floor for ideas will open once a month in big cities. Currently the registration for buying and selling ideas on this trading floor is free of charge. However, after the time has expired for its trial operation, organisers will collect fees.


Those who are interested in idea trading can register at the CESTI, No. 79, Truong Dinh, District 1, HCM City (Tel: 08-829 70 40) or Vietbooks, 304/87-89-91, Dao Duy Anh, Ward 9, Phu Nhuan District, HCM City (08-997 40 07-842 09 98).



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