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HCM City’s publisher accused of copyright infringement

IP News from duytho.comThe Gioi Publishing House has just sent its petition to the Publishing Administration, Literature and Art Copyrights Administration, and the Ministry of Culture and Information’s (MOCI) Inspectorate accusing the HCM City General Publishing House of copyri

According to The Gioi Publishing House, in 2005 it purchased the copyrights for 10 volumes of the set Decouvert Benjamin from the French Publisher Gallimard Jeunesse to translate into Vietnamese. The total amount paid for the purchase as well as translation service has reached tens of million of VND. Procedures for the books to be published have been completed. Last month the first Vietnamese version of the books were introduced to Vietnamese readers.

While The Gioi Publishing House was busy preparing for its distribution work, the publishing house found copies of another Vietnamese version published by HCM City General Publishing House on the market. There were clear indications of a violation. The Gioi Publishing House therefore decided to petition.

MoCI’s Inspectorate has sent an official dispatch to the suspected violator asking for a report on the case.

It is reported that, this is not the first time disputes on copyrights of art and literature works have arisen in Vietnam, with the most recent case concerning the VTC television station being accused of violating the copyright regulations when broadcasting the Miss World 2006 show without copyrights.

Many experts have said that the Bern Convention as well as many other regulations on copyrights have shown positive indications in protecting intellectual properties in the country. Before the Bern Convention was adopted, it was very common that organizations and individuals in Vietnam used art and literature works without being authorized.

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