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Indonesia to host Asian-African intellectual property forum

IP News from duytho.comAn Asian-African forum on intellectual property will be held in Bandung, Indonesia, from June 18-20.

Ibnu Hadi, director for Asia Pacific and Africa Inter-Regional Cooperation said that the forum was a concrete implementation of a joint commitment in the Asian-African Strategic Partnership, reached during the Asia-Africa Summit in Jakarta in 2005, according to Indonesia’s Antara news agency.

The aim of the “Asian-African Forum on Intellectual Property and Traditional Cultural Expression, Traditional Knowledge and Genetic Resources 2007” is to encourage negotiations in the Inter-Governmental Committee (IGC) on genetic resources, Traditiaonal Knowledge and Folklore in the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

It will also create international legal protection for genetic resources, traditional knowledge and folklore in Asian and African states, the agency said.

Indonesian cabinet ministers, ambassadors from Asia and Africa as well as delegates from 106 countries will attend the forum to be organised jointly by the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry, the Indonesian Justice and Human Rights Affairs Ministry and the World Intellectual Property Organisation.-Enditem

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