Trademark Use in Vietnam

1. Based on the advertising regulations in Vietnam, the Vietnamese competent advertising regulatory authority is entitled to request your client to provide the relevant documents for the advertising purpose, of which the Trademark Registration Certificate in Vietnam is one those documents. 2. In case that your client changed the mark into a different format, it […]

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Examination of the international application in Vietnam

1. Examination by WIPO’s IB The WIPO’s IB is the body to administer the Madrid system. It is responsible for international registration and related duties as well as all other administrative tasks, under or concerning the international registration of trademark under Madrid Agreement and/or Madrid Protocol. 2. Receipt of Int’l Trademark Registration The IB receives […]

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Flexibility for choice of Office of Origin

Under the Agreement, an applicant has less choice over the trademark office in which it must file: It may only file in a contracting country to the Agreement in which it has “a real and effective industrial or commercial establishment”. Only if it has so such establishment may it file in the Office in the […]

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Difference between Madrid Agreement and Madrid Protocol

The Madrid Agreement and the Madrid Protocol are independent, parallel treaties, with separate, but overlapping, regulations and memberships. There is a certain difference between two these treaties in the following aspects: Basic of an Int’l Trademark Registration: The Madrid Agreement requires that an International Trademark Application be based on a home country registration. This restriction […]

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Advantages in filing Int’l Trademark Application under the Madrid System

Advantages in filing Int’l Trademark Application under the Madrid System International Trademark Registration under Madrid System has advantages for both the trademark owners and Trademark Offices. The principal advantages for trademark owners lies in the simplicity of the International Registration System and the financial savings when securing and maintaining the protection of their trademark abroad. […]

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