International Trademark Registration under Madrid system in Vietnam

Madrid Agreement and Madrid Protocol – International Trademark Registration Designating Vietnam

–         Vietnam has been a member of Madrid Agreement concerning the International Registration of Mark, (“Madrid Agreement“) since March 8, 1949.

–         On July 11, 2006, Vietnam became a member of Madrid Protocol relating to the Madrid Agreement (“Madrid Protocol“).

The accession into Madrid system gives a good opportunity for Vietnamese businesses to expand their trademark registration and protection in various nations – members of Madrid system and to reach the potential markets for their goods/services worldwide.

The International Trademark Registration under Madrid Agreement and Madrid Protocol both administered by WIPO gives a cost-effective and time-saving opportunity to the Madrid-Union applicants to register and protect trademark in 81 countries and European Community by filing an International Trademark Application to the International Bureau (IB), through the Office of Origin, in one of 03 prescribed languages, such as English, French or Spanish) and the payment of a certain amount of fee is in Swiss France. The filing procedures should be completed at the Trademark Office of the Contracting Party that is referred to as the Office of Origin through which the International Trademark Application will be presented to the WIPO’s IB. The subsequent designation of trademark registration, renewal, assignment, etc. will be followed by a simple procedure within WIPO.

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