Many foreign big guys to be present in Vietnam in 2014

VietNamNet Bridge – Following the “fellow-countrymen,” McDonald’s will surely turn up in Vietnam in February 2014. Other well-known foreign brands, including  Anheuser-Busch InBev and Dairy Queen will also arrive.

The first McDonald’s shop to be opened

Good Day Hospitality has revealed that the first McDonald’s shop in Vietnam would be inaugurated after the Vietnamese traditional Tet holiday, slated for February, at No. 2-6bis Dien Bien Phu Street in HCM City.

The menu would comprise the outstanding dishes favored by a lot of people all over the world, from sandwich Big Mac to the Cheeseburger or French fries.

The noteworthy characteristic of the shop is that it would provide the drive-thru service, while customers would be served at any time they order.

McDonald’s enters Vietnam through a franchise contract signed with Good Day Hospitality. This is the way McDonald’s has been following over the last 30 years to develop its brand all over the world.

McDonald’s has been well known as the No. 1 fast food chain in the world with 34,500 shops that serve 69 million customers in 100 countries everyday. More than 80 percent of McDonald’s shops in the globe has been owned and managed by local individuals.

The biggest brewery manufacturer at the door

Reuters has reported that Anheuser-Busch InBev, the world’s biggest brewery manufacturer, is taking hectic preparations to enter the Vietnamese market, slated for the end of 2014.

Believing that Vietnam is one of the most attractive markets in Asia, the Belgian big guy plans to set up a brewery there, whose products would be sold in the domestic market.

Carlos Brito, Managing Director of AB Inbev, has confirmed that the manufacturer has been allocated a land plot for the brewery plan implementation.

Its redoubtable rivals, including Carlsberg, Heineken and SABMiller all have been present in Vietnam for a long time, either through their 100 percent direct investments or through joint ventures with Vietnamese partners.

With the high population of 90 million people, Vietnam is considered the biggest market in the region for brewery manufacturers. The market is expected to witness the 10 percent growth rate every year in 2010-2020.

Warren Buffett’s ice cream brand will be here in the first half of 2014

Like McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, the ice cream of the well-known billionaire Warren Buffet is expected to be present in HCM City in early 2014 through a franchise contract.

QSR Vietnam has confirmed that the involved parties have got an agreement on the right to use the ice cream brand, and that it is moving ahead with the plan to open the first Dairy Queen shop in HCM City in January 2014.

It is expected that 60 Dairy Queen shops would be set up in Vietnam in the next five years, most of which would be located in HCM City, a commercial hub of the country.

The franchisee has said that Vietnamese would also have the opportunities to enjoy Blizzard products, a specific product series. The products to be available in Vietnam would have the quality equivalent to that in Thailand, China, Mexico, Canada and the US, but would have the selling prices fitting Vietnamese pockets.

Kim Chi

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