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Miss World leads to copyright dispute in Vietnam

IP News from duytho.comThe Miss World Pageant has led to allegations of copyright violation between the two biggest TV stations in Vietnam, the national television network, VTV, and a new television corporation, VTC.

As reported, TV Plus Company signed a contract with Zeal TV in Britain to be the sole broadcaster of the Miss World final in Vietnam. The company, together with VTV’s Television Advertisement Centre, had a plan to broadcast the show on VTV3.

VTV and TV Plus have accused VTC of copyright violation. Talking to the press about the case, Dang Yen Hang, TV Plus Copyrights Manager, said, “We had thought of the possibility that VTC would deliberately broadcast the show, therefore we followed its programme carefully. VTC however, did not even give any information on broadcasting the show on its planned programme. Nevertheless, at 11am, October 1, we found that VTC was broadcasting the Miss World show. Immediately, we contacted the station asking them to stop as we had already purchased the copyrights. Ignoring our requests, VTC kept on broadcasting.”

It seems like copyright violations are prevalent in Vietnam even though it has been criticised. So what are TV Plus and VTV going to do with the case?

Yesterday, October 2, in a meeting between representatives of TV Plus and VTV, we determined that we will take appropriate action. In this case, the violation has not only caused an economic loss for our company but it has also ruined our prestige in doing business with a large number of advertising companies.

To date, we have not had any official document sent to VTC as we are still waiting for the response from Zeal TV. We have already informed Zeal TV about the case.

The plan to rebroadcast it on VTV 3 was postponed as it was explained that the station wanted to provide more information on Xangsane Typhoon. So when are you going to rebroadcast it?

Because the schedule for the next few days has been decided, we need some time to arrange for the show to be rebroadcast.

What is your opinion about the case?

While awareness of and actions toward copyright protection as well as intellectual property among Vietnamese enterprises and state bodies have been positively changing, the violation has proved to be contradictory to the direction that we are moving in. Vietnam is at the final stage of being admitted to the WTO and commitments to copyright protection have been highlighted. What VTC did, did not just cause losses for some business entities, but will partly contribute to ruining the national reputation on ensuring fair competition between companies by adhering to strict regulations.

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