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Most tech patents in VN created by foreigners

IP News from duytho.comAlmost all technology-oriented patent in Vietnam belong to foreigners, a worrying trend as Vietnam heads to WTO accession, said an official.

According to Dr Pham Dinh Chuong, Head of the National Intellectual Property Office under the Ministry of Science and Technology, statistics show that the registration for patents by Vietnamese people accounted for just 3.4 of the total in the period of 1995-2003.


He reported the information to the National Assembly Committee for Science-Technology and Environment.


Patents belong to Vietnamese people also made up only 1.3 of the total granted patents during this period. Most of new products and technology are created abroad or are under foreign control, said Dr Chuong.


Thus the firm protection for patents and copyrights under World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules could result in giving a monopoly to patent holders, were Vietnam to join the trade organisation.

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