Music download charges pose problem for providers in Vietnam

After the music download charge programme proved to be ineffective, music service providers in Vietnam said they would continue to tighten control over music copyright.


Music service providers will tighten control over music copyright.

Song writer Pho Duc Phuong, Head of Vietnam Centre for Protection of Music Copyright (VCPMC), said, “We’ve been doing our best over the last decade to help protect copyright laws on music. Even though we see an improvement in the situation, the collection of fees is still a problem.”

VCPMC announced that after two months, since the music download charge programme started, they have only collected VND17 million (USD815).

In 2012, VCPMC paid VND27.4 billion to both domestic and international artists, and on January 24, 2013 they will pay another VND10 billion. The payment to international artists accounted for 15-20 of that collected in the country.

Much of the revenue came from fees for ringtones and ringback tones, which accounted for 25-30.

Lawyer Pham Thanh Thuy, vice head of VCPMC, explained that the technical troubles in the payment methods and the bad quality of many of the downloads have put off the audience.

According to VCPMC, this is a pilot programme and in 2012 they only collected fees for certain albums, but this year they plan to collect fees across the board for online music streaming. This policy is due to begin in April.

VCPMC and music service provider, MVCorp, started their pilot fee collection programme on November 1, 2012.

Phung Tien Cong, Deputy Head of MVCorp, said about 18 websites came and registered with them. Seven most popular music websites in Vietnam also started to carry out the programme, collecting VND1,000 for each download, while keeping online music streaming free.

“I’m glad to see cooperation among Vietnamese music websites. We’ll have to move gradually, as getting people used to paying for music is not something that can happen overnight,” said Phung Tien Cong, adding that they would deal severely with any websites that violate the terms of their agreements.

Beginning 2013 Vietnamese television will also have to pay fees for the use of international songs.

Source: DTriNews

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