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New intellectual property measures launched

IP News from duytho.comThe Department of Intellectual Properties on July 26 rolled out six new initiatives to encourage intellectual property promotion and protection within the country.

The new mechanisms have been designed to clamp down on violators of trademark protection laws and raise public awareness on the benefits and negative impacts of the misuse of intellectual protection.

The Truong Thanh Technological Investment and Development Company has been charged with implementing the “Trademark promotion” programme, the Trade University the “To establish and promote product brands” scheme, the Viet Nam Fund in Support of Technological Innovations with a public awareness campaign entitled “Information campaigns on industrial property” and the Ministry of Science and Technology’s southern representative office has been handed the “To create a model of managing intellectual property operations” project.

The two remaining initiatives revolve around two of the country’s most well known agricultural products. The Bac Giang lychee and Phu Tho’s pomelo are set to benefit from trademark building as Science and Technology embark on an ambitious project to build and protect the fruit’s unique brand.

The new schemes are part of a wider government effort to support Intellectual Property rights and enforcement for the 2005-2010 period. –Enditem

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