New Legal Documents promulgated from April 29,2005 to May 23,2005

Government 1. Prime Ministerial Decision 432/QD-TTg dated May 20, 2005, governing the establishment of the Vietnam HIV/AIDS Control Department as a member unit of the Health Ministry, and renaming the Preventive Medicine and HIV/AIDS Control Departmen

2. Decree 65/2005/ND-CP dated May 19, 2005, governing the changing and supplementation of some provisions in Government Decree 16/2001/ND-CP dated May 2, 2001 that refers to personnel and operation of financial leasing companies.

3. Prime Ministerial Decision 108/2005/QD-TTg dated May 16, 2005, referring to the plan for developing Vietnam’s cement industry to 2010 and 2020.

4. Prime Ministerial Decision 110/2005/QD-TTg dated May 16, 2005, approving the national reserve plan for serving public healthcare.

5. Prime Ministerial Decision 111/2005/QD-TTg dated May 17, 2005, approving the plan for restructuring and renovating state-owned enterprises of the Ninh Thuan Province People’s Committee.

6. Decree 63/2005/ND-CP dated May 16, 2005, issuing health insurance regulations.

7. Decree 60/2005/ND-CP dated May 16, 2005, governing the establishment of townships in Chon Thanh, Binh Long, Loc Ninh, Bu Dang, and Bu Dop districts in Binh Phuoc province.

8. Decree 61/2005/ND-CP dated May 16, 2005, governing the establishment of townships in Quynh Phu and Hung Ha districts and the division of Binh Lang commune in Hung Ha district in Thai Binh province.

9. Decree 62/2005/ND-CP dated May 16, 2005, governing the establishment of communes in Tuy Hoa and Song Cau districts in Phu Yen province and the division of Tuy Hoa district in this province into two smaller districts – Dong Hoa and Tay Hoa.

10. Prime Ministerial Decision 99/2005/QD-TTg dated May 9, 2005, establishing the Vietnam national information office for plants and animals quarantine and hygiene.

11. Prime Ministerial Instruction 16/2005/CT-TTg dated May 11, 2005 on realizing the National Security Law.

12. Prime Ministerial Decision 101/2005/QD-TTg dated May 11, 2005, approving the plan for restructuring and renovating state-owned companies of the Hau Giang Province People’s Committee.

13. Prime Ministerial Decision 384/QD-TTg dated May 11, 2005, changing members of the small and medium business promotion council.

14. Prime Ministerial Decision 102/2005/QD-TTg dated May 12, 2005, approving the plan for restructuring and renovating state-owned enterprises of the Construction Ministry in 2005-2006.

15. Decree 66/2005/ND-CP dated May 19, 2005, providing regulations on assuring safety for fishermen and fishing boats.

16. Prime Ministerial Decision 112/2005/QD-TTg dated May 18, 2005, approving the plan for developing study society in 2005-2010.

Transport Ministry

1. Decision 26/2005/QD-BGTVT dated May 16, 2005, temporarily announcing public maritime channels and maritime channels for special use.

2. Decision 27/2005/QD-BGTVT dated May 17, 2005, governing the management of the domestic waterway transport market.

Agriculture and Rural Development Ministry

1. Decision 24/2005/QD-BNN dated May 13, 2005, issuing industrial processes of managing the Viet An reservoir in Quang Nam province.

Health Ministry

1. Circular 14/2005/TT-BYT dated May 10, 2005, governing healthcare activities for children of less than six years in state-owned medical centers, and providing guidelines for managing, using and settling funding for these activities.

2. Circular 15/2005/TT-BYT dated May 13, 2005, providing guidelines for fulfilling procedures related to export medical staff and managing these workers.

Home Affairs Ministry

1. Decision 51/2005/QD-BNV dated April 29, 2005, approving the rule of the Vietnam Irrigation Association.

2. Decision 53/2005/QD-BNV dated May 6, 2005, approving the rule of the Vietnam-Chile Friendship and Cooperation Association.

3. Decision 54/2005/QD-BNV dated May 6, 2005, approving the establishment of the Vietnam Transport Environment Association.

Construction Ministry

1. Circular 08/2005/TT-BXD dated May 6, 2005, providing guidelines for establishing, assessing, and approving construction investment projects following Government 16/2005/ND-CP dated February 7, 2005.

2. Instruction 03/2005/CT-BXD dated May 5, 2005 on strengthening occupational hygiene and safety and fire and explosion prevention in member units of the construction sector.

3. Decision 16/2005/QD-BXD dated May 5, 2005, issuing Vietnam Construction Standard 334:2005 on painting equipment and steel structures in civil and industrial construction.

Joint Circular

1. Circular 39/2005/TTLT-BTC-BKHCN dated May 23, 2005 of the Finance Ministry and the Science and Technology Ministry, providing guidelines for implementing financial management of the program ‘Development of models applying and transferring advanced sciences and technology to rural, mountainous regions to promote socioeconomic development in these regions in 2010’.

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