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New Legal Documents promulgated from August 29,2005 to September 19,2005

IP News from duytho.comGovernment 1. Decree 117/2005/ND-CP dated September 15, 2005, governing the changing of retirement pensions and social insurance-related allowances.

2. Decree 118/2005/ND-CP dated September 15, 2005, governing the changing of the minimum common basic salary.
3. Prime Ministerial Decision 932/QD-TTg dated September 12, 2005, describing financial regulations applying to Vietnamese products show centers abroad.

4. Prime Ministerial Decision 220/2005/QD-TTg dated September 9, 2005, establishing the Vietnam Agricultural Science Institute.

5. Prime Ministerial Decision 930/QD-TTg dated September 9, 2005, approving the project to restructure the system of scientific organizations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

6. Resolution 10/2005/NQ-CP dated September 5, 2005, referring to the Government’s regular meeting, in August 2005.

Ministry of Trade

1. Official Letter 4480/TM-TTTN dated September 19, 2005, answering the Vietnam Steel Association’s questions related to steel business regulations.

2. Decision 2368/2005/QD-BTM dated September 16, 2005, providing guidelines for amending and supplementing the regulation that governs the granting of Vietnam Certificate of Origin (Form S) so as goods with this certificate can benefit from preferential tariffs following the Vietnam-Laos Economic, Cultural, Scientific and Technical Cooperation Agreement.

3. Report 0839/TM-XNK dated September 13, 2005, referring to the announcement of criteria of a high-achieving exporter in 2005.

Ministry of Posts and Telematics

1. Decision 30/2005/QD-BBCVT dated September 13, 2005, announcing subscription charges of GSM mobile phone services offered by the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (VNPT), and ways to calculate charges required for using these services.

Ministry of Public Security

1. Circular 09/2005/TT-BCA dated September 5, 2005, providing guidelines for implementing some provisions in Government’s Decree 38/2005/ND-CP dated March 18, 2005 that describes measures of public security maintenance.

2. Decision 1255/2005/QD-BCA dated September 8, 2005, referring to state secrets in the home affairs sector.

3. Decision 1205/2005/QD-BCA dated September 1, 2005, referring to state secrets in the tourism sector.

Ministry of Finance

1. Circular 74/2005/TT-BTC dated September 7, 2005, referring to financial regulations and customs procedures applying to the Lao Bao economic-trade zone.

2. Circular 76/2005/TT-BTC dated September 8, 2005, providing guidelines for amending and supplementing Finance Ministry’s Circular 79/2004/TT-BTC dated August 10, 2004 that provides guidelines for implementing Prime Ministerial Decision 78/2004/QD-TTg dated May 7, 2004. (Decision 78 governs the amendment and supplementation of some policies, aimed at promoting the construction of residential areas and housing in provinces often attacked by floods in the Mekong Delta.)

3. Circular 75/2005/TT-BTC dated September 7, 2005, providing guidelines for realizing the tax policy and tax and customs procedures applying to the Tan Thuan export processing zone’s additional business lines.

Ministry of Health

1. Decision 24/2005/QD-BYT dated September 5, 2005, providing guidelines for amending Health Ministry’s Circular 09/2005/TT-BYT dated March 28, 2005 that describes conditions to define people affected by HIV at work.

2. Decision 25/2005/QD-BYT dated September 5, 2005, issuing regulations governing powers, duties, and personnel of HIV/AIDS control centers of centrally governed provinces and cities.

3. Decision 22/2005/QD-BYT dated August 29, 2005, issuing the form of the vaccine or other medical biological products registration license, and the form of the vaccine and medical biological products business license.

Ministry of Education and Training

1. Decision 4994/2005/QD-BGD&DT dated September 6, 2005, correcting Decision 21/2005/QD-BGD&DT dated July 19, 2005 of the Ministry of Education and Training.

2. Decision 28/2005/QD-BGD&DT dated August 30, 2005, issuing the temporary Khmer language training curricula for primary and lower secondary schools.

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