New Legal Documents promulgated from February 13,2006 to March 9,2006

Government 1. Decree 24/2006/ND-CP dated March 6, 2006, amending and supplementing some provisions in Government’s Decree 57/2002/ND-CP dated June 3, 2002 that provides detailed guidelines for implementing the Fee and Charge Decree.

2. Prime Ministerial Decision 49/2006/QD-TTg dated March 3, 2006, approving an overall plan to restructure and develop member businesses of the Vietnam National Coffee Corporation.
3. Resolution 03/2006/NQ-CP dated March 2, 2006, referring to the Government’s regular meeting in February 2006.

4. Prime Ministerial Decision 47/2006/QD-TTg dated March 1, 2006, approving an overall plan to survey and manage marine resources and environment towards 2010.

5. Decree 22/2006/ND-CP dated February 28, 2006, referring to the organization and operation of foreign bank branches, joint-venture banks, 100-percent foreign capital banks, and representative offices of foreign financial institutions in Vietnam.

6. Prime Ministerial Decision 376/QD-TTg dated March 2, 2006, establishing the worker’s incentive department of the Vietnam News Agency.

7. Prime Ministerial Instruction 05/2006/CT-TTg dated February 22, 2006, providing guidelines for boosting the implementation of the Land Law.

8. Prime Ministerial Official Letter 354/TTg-XDPL dated February 28, 2006, expediting the implementation of the law making program of 2006.

9. Notice 43/TB-VPCP dated March 1, 2006 of the Prime Minister’s Office’s, referring to the opinion of Deputy Prime Minister Pham Gia Khiem on the implementation of policies applied to the handicapped at a meeting that was held on February 8, 2006.

10. Decision 356/QD-VPCP dated March 1, 2006 of the Prime Minister’s Office, approving the plan to build and operate the quality management system at the Prime Minister’s Office in 2006-2010.

Ministry of Health

1. Decision 11/2006/QD-BYT dated March 9, 2006, promulgating the regulation on granting certificate of food hygiene and safety to food production enterprises.

2. Decision 12/2006/QD-BYT dated March 9, 2006, promulgating the regulation on decentralizing the management of food hygiene and safety.

Ministry of Finance

1. Circular 15/2006/TT-BTC dated March 6, 2006, providing guidelines for financially managing projects that use ADB loans under the Agriculture Development Program.

2. Decision 12/2006/QD-BTC dated March 3, 2006, providing guidelines for readjusting the preferential import tax rate applied to some components and spare parts of electric and refrigeration equipment.

3. Circular 13/2006/TT-BTC dated February 27, 2006, providing guidelines for using the money in reserve to cover the losses associated with stock, ineffective financial investments, bad debts, guarantee services and construction expenses at enterprises.

Ministry of Trade

1. Decision 09/2006/QD-BTM dated February 27, 2006, providing guidelines for amending and supplementing the regulation on granting E-form certificate of origin for Vietnamese goods to allow them to enjoy tariff preferences under the Framework Agreement on Comprehensive Economic Cooperation between the Association of South East Asian Nations and the People’s Republic of China.

Ministry of Planning and Investment

1. Decision 180/2006/QD-BKH dated February 28, 2006, authorizing the Management Board of Quang Binh province’s industrial zones to form projects, receive and assess project profiles, grant, adjust and revoke investment licenses, and manage the operation of foreign invested projects that are based in industrial zones and export-processing zones.

2. Circular 02/2006/TT-BKH dated February 13, 2006, providing guidelines for implementing some articles of Decree 88/2005/ND-CP dated July 11, 2005 that refers to some policies on encouraging the development of cooperatives.

Ministry of Construction

1. Decision 03/2006/QD-BXD dated February 24, 2006, promulgating Vietnam Construction Standard 363:2006 that applies to measuring the durability of reinforced concrete structures.

2. Decision 05/2006/QD-BXD dated March 8, 2006, promulgating the regulation on numbering and fixing number-plates for houses.

International Agreements

1. The program for cultural exchange, education, scientific research, information, youth and sports, signed between the two governments of Vietnam and Luxembourg, coming into effect on December 1, 2005.

2. The protocol supplementing the agreement on further cooperation between Vietnam and the former Soviet Union in geological exploration and oil and gas exploitation in the continental shelf of Southern Vietnam in the framework of the Vietsovpetro, signed between the two governments on July 16, 1991 and coming into effect on December 16, 2005.

3. Agreement on cooperation between Vietnam and Quebec in the field of adoption, coming into effect on January 1, 2006, signed between the two governments.

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