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Over 1,000 musicians have copyrights protected

IP News from duytho.comWith the three newly signed contracts on November 22, the Centre for Music Copyright Protection of Vietnam now has over 1,000 musician members.

The family of late musician Nguyen Van Khanh, musicians Nguyen Vinh Tien and Hong Kien are the latest people to entrust the centre to protect the copyrights of musical works. 

Established four years ago, the centre has sold musical works to businesses in Vietnam and paid fees to musicians. 

“Between 2002 and July 2006, the centre collected over VND5 billion ($312,500) from selling music copyrights and this sum of money has been paid to musicians,” revealed Pho Duc Phuong, the centre’s director. 

However, this sum of money is still modest since copyright infringement is still popular in Vietnam. 

The centre has very patiently discussed copyright fees with some restaurants, hotels and clubs in Hanoi like Blue Wave, Aladin, Seventeen, and New Century, to get their commitments to pay copyright fees. However, from the ‘agreement’ to pay to “payment’ is a great gap that requires great efforts. 

The centre has signed bilateral contracts on music copyright protection with 16 countries and territories. Accordingly, firms that use foreign music works will also have to pay copyright fees. 

The centre plans to collect music copyright fees from cafes, departments of transportation, supermarkets and restaurants in the near future. 

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