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Parliament deputies discuss music copyright

IP News from duytho.comMusic copyright was a hot issue discussed by NA deputies at a discussion session on the draft Intellectual Property Law on October 27.

According to Article 25 of the draft Intellectual Property Law, radio or television stations broadcasting musical works don’t have to ask permission from the author but must pay royalties.


However Minister of Culture and Information Pham Quang Nghi did not agree with the clause, explaining Vietnam’s radio and television network is dissimilar to other countries that implement such laws.


Agreeing with Nghi, general director of Vietnam Television (VTV), Vu Van Hien, said that copyright law should mention a one-time music copyright deal for broadcasting. For example, if VTV buys a music programme from Ben Thanh Studio, VTV should only pay royalties for Ben Thanh once, and then Ben Thanh, as owner, should pay royalties to its authors.  

Another topic heatedly discussed was royalties payment for music used at restaurants, karaoke bars, and hotels. Some deputies said that payment is unsuitable, since music products used at restaurants and karaoke shops are sold at markets, and customers should be able to buy and use them for their own targets. 

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