Pesticide and other contaminants in Vietnam


On December 19, 2007 Vietnam Ministry of Health issued Decision No. 46/2007/QD-BYT on the “Maximum Level of Residue of Biological and Chemical Substances Allowed in Food”.. Decree No.46/2007/QD-BYT provides Maximum Residue Levels (MRLs) for the following:
– of veterinary dugs in food
– of heavy metal in food
– of pesticides in food
– of mycotxin in food
– of micro-organisms in food
– of pesticides in food
– safety hygiene requirements on food packaging materials and

In addition, the decree also provides a list of food processing supporting agents including: antifoam agents, catalysts, clarifying agents; category contract freezing and cooling agents; desiccating agents/anti-caking agents; detergents; enzyme immobilization…

The MRLs set in Decree No.46/2007/QD-BYT are applied for both domestic and imported food products. According to the Vietnam Food Administration (VFA), Vietnam will apply Codex standards for food products in the case there is no specific regulation set by Vietnam.

The Decision No.46/2007/QD-BYT also replaces the MOH’s Decision No. 867/1998/QD-BTY on the List of Food Product Hygiene Standards

Pesticide Registration

In Vietnam, pesticides must be registered. Plant Protection Department (PPD) of the Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development is the government body assigned to manage pesticides registration.

Before a pesticide can be traded or used, it must be registered at the PPD. The registration consists of different steps. Firstly, the importer or trader has to get a permission for it’s testing in the field. The document dossier for the field-testing includes:
– Application form for field testing (form provided by the PPD)
– Notarized copy of right to use the product or authorized letter for using the product or similar document
– Technical document in Vietnamese or English copied from original document and certified by authorized agency.
– A sample of the product’s label.

It takes about 5 working days for the PPD to review the application. Fee charged for a permit for field testing of a new pesticide ranges from VND 2 million to VN 2.8 million ($125-$170).

After having permission for field testing, the register must work with a local agency to carry-out the test. It usually takes about 2 years for this kind of work. The cost for the field- testing depends case by case, but it is estimated around VND 100 million ($6,200).

Based on results of the field testing, PPD will/ grant the registering permission for use of the pesticide in Vietnam. The fee for issuing a registering permission is about VND 7.3 million ($453). The registration is valid for 5 years. The registration can be extended at the cost of VND 2 million ($125).

For more detail on pesticide registration, please contact:

Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Development
Plant Protection Department
Pesticide Division
No.49 Ho Dac Di Street
Tel: (844) 8518 194/fax: (844) 533 1562/email:

Annually the MARD issues a list of pesticides permitted for use, restricted for use and banned from use in Vietnam. The newest list of approved pesticides for use, restricted from use and banned from use in Vietnam is stated in the MARD’s Decision No.94/2007/QD-BNN of November 26, 2007 and Decision No.76/QD-BNN dated June 25, 2008 on supplemetal list of pesticide allowed to be used in Vietnam. The list can be downloaded from MARD’ website: or

However, it is available in Vietnamese only. Please contact Post for the list in detail.

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