Friday, March 23, 2018

a. Registrability search

Kenfox has a Searching Department which, at client’s request, can conduct full trademark searches on the database of the NOIP to identify whether there are any registered or pending trademarks similar to the choosen ones of the client. Trademark rights are acquired on a first come first served basis.  Although a trademark search prior to filing a trademark application is optional, because of the aforesaid benefit, it is economically and legally important to conduct trade mark searches to even assess the risks of infringing someone else's rights.

To enable us to proceed with a trademark search, the following information and documents are required to provide us:

(i) A clear specimen of the mark ; and
(ii) The list of goods/services and the corresponding international class, if known.

Our experienced trademark attorney will conduct searches and e-mail clients the search results as well as professional analysis within 02-03 working days, depending on the number of requested trademarks or the urgency of the request

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