Saturday, April 21, 2018

Attending to renewal of trade mark registrations, recording of assignments, changes of name/ address and records of license contracts

Kenfox has teams of specialized staffs and IP Management Software System in charge of monitoring the trademark registrations of which validity is going to expire. When a trademark registration needs to be renewed, the System will be automatically sending a Notification to Mailing Process Center, accordingly, the firm’s specialized Department will remind the clients of renewal deadlines. Reminders are typically sent out six months in advance of the renewal deadline.

Required documents for renewal of Trademark Registration Certificate

a. Original Power of Attorney which needs to be signed by the trademark owner;
b. Original Trademark Registration Certificate(s).

a. Renewal fees can be paid in the duration of six months before the due date;
b. Pleased be explained that according to the law on trademark of Viet Nam, the application for renewal of the trademark registration can be late filed, but not later than 6 months from the expiry date of validity. And in that case, the applicant must pay a surcharge of renewal fee of 10% per delayed month.
c. The renewal of Trademark Registration will be completed within 2 months counted from the filing date. The term of validity is renewable indefinitely for consecutive terms of 10 years

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