Thursday, August 16, 2018

Registration of Patent/ Petty Patent in Laos


  1. Applicant: full name, address and nationality;
  2. Inventor: full name, address and nationality;
  3. Priority data: filing number, date and country (if applicable);
  4. International filing data: filing and publishing number (if applicable).


  1. English specification(including title, description part, Claims, abstract and drawings, if any);
  2. Power of Attorney (notarization is required);
  3. Notarized Deed of Assignment (if the applicant is not concurrently the inventor).


  1. Time from the filing to granting date is 50 months (as for Patent) and 12 months (as for Petty Patent);
  2. The validity term of a Patent is 20 years and of a Petty Patent is 07 years from the filing date.

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