Promote fighting, preventing IP spoofing goods in Vietnam

(DVO) – In 2012, the Intellectual Property Office received more than 3 thousand patent applications, of which more than 300 of the Vietnam unit, the number of applicants increasing, but the quality of the patent application, Vietnam is low due to lack of experience in developing patent description.

Besides, the service representative is not keen on patent registration in Vietnam. Especially difficult when scientists’ concerns registered IP”so do not understand the procedures leading to the application of the invention Vietnam is still low.

altDirector of Intellectual Property (IP) – Ministry of Science and Technology (S & T) Ta Quang Minh said at the coordinates “IPR seminar for journalists” held recently in Hanoi.

This is an annual activity in response to World Intellectual Property Day 26/4 and promote propaganda on the meaning and role of IP for economic development – social, while continuing to further strengthen relationship between IP office and press agencies.

IPR infringement remains a serious performance

Mr. Ta Quang Minh said, the production, trafficking counterfeit goods and IPR infringement in 2011 and 2012 still held serious and tends to increase both the nature and extent of the violation.

According to the statistics of the Bureau, in 2011 the functional forces discovered and treated more than 6 thousand cases with nearly 19 billion penalty, the most counterfeited goods, IPR infringement more traffic on large market harm to property and the health of consumers as medicines, alcohol, food and fertilizers, mobile phones, footwear …

In particular, the majority of counterfeit goods are smuggled consumer goods, counterfeit famous brands abroad, sold cheaply. The business used false import stamps, printing counterfeit packaging and labeling scale and increasing number of large and very difficult to control.

Besides, a number of fakes that have recently linked up with elements individuals and foreign organizations especially counterfeiting counterfeiting origin prestigious brands in the world for domestic consumption . None of the tricks of the digital objects and producing increasingly sophisticated fakes, are closed from production to transport and distribute traffic from cities to remote areas.

Objects imported components, semi-finished products in Vietnam through the village manipulated, processed, associated packaging and labels for new products in China, Thailand and Japan. Business Objects registered business name then put to use in the name of trade names coincide with the protected trademark to deceive the consumer, making the market domestically produced goods is difficult to distinguish true authors.

For this situation occurs, the Director Ta Quang Minh reason is partly due to sanctions imposed for manufacture and sale of counterfeit and IPR infringement remains slow, heavy on administrative measures thus effectively preventing low.

The next reason is because goods produced in Vietnam but diversity but did not meet the quality demands of consumers. Meanwhile goods from China and other countries with cheap smuggled into our country with many different forms. Especially the goods and goods infringing IP rights is developed by a majority of people accept and prefer branded goods.

To enhance the establishment and enforcement of IP rights

According to the Department of Intellectual Property, in 2012, the Department received 40 817 applications for establishment of industrial property rights (IP), which consists of 3,959 patent applications; 298 single utility solutions; 1,946 unit designs industry, 29 578 single brand; 7 single geographical indications; 7 application design, integrated circuit layout; 4901 trademark application for international registration designating Vietnam; 121 international applications originating Vietnam (8 patent applications, 113 unit mark)

In particular, the Department has processed 37 972 applications for establishing or accept protection IP 28 042 objects, including 1,235 patents, 109 utility solutions, industrial designs 1217, 21 794 mark, 5 geographical indications management, 14 layout designs of integrated circuits and semiconductor protection accept 3,577 registered international trademarks designating Vietnam and 91 evaluation forms international application originating from Vietnam.

In particular, the IP Office also refused protection 9931 industrial property objects, including 1,324 registered international trademarks designating Vietnam.

From the receipt and processing of applications for registration of industrial property rights established in the past year, the Department has accepted and IPR protection level for industrial property objects, including 25 962 with 1,025 patent, 87 patents solutions Helpful, 1,121 patents of  Industrial Design, 20 042 certification Trademark registration, registration certificate 5 Geographical Indications, 14 certificates of registration of layout designs of integrated circuits and semiconductor approved trademark protection received 3,577 international registrations designating Vietnam.

Also the IP Department, in 2013, in order to promote the enforcement of IPR and IPR establishment should continue to scrutinize the content relating to registration of IPR establishment of legal documents, especially circulars, regulations, amendments to the proposal, adding content to solve problems, to encourage organizations and individuals in the registration of industrial property objects towards simplifying procedures, application of information technology, electronic filing instructions. Especially gradual shift handling IPR infringement by administrative measures to civil remedies, to enhance the role and effectiveness of the treatment court system.

In supporting the establishment of industrial property rights, and continue to do more often the training, support establishment of IPR registration, especially with the invention, in various forms, which focuses on forms concierge desk. Towards establishment of a center to support the development of intellectual property to support the implementation consultants methodically and more widespread. It is essential to the socialization of the fight, prevent counterfeit goods and goods infringing IPR IPR for some items related to public health, such as beverages, food, food, medicine healing.
But the most important thing is to further promote the dissemination, education policy, intellectual property law, especially the consequences of infringement of rights, to “improve the IPR culture” of each level, industry, every business and people, Director Ta Quang Minh said.

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