Registration of Invention/Utility Model in Cambodia


  1. Full name, address and nationality of the applicant;
  2. Full name, address and nationality of the inventor;
  3. Title of the invention/utility model;
  4. Country/office, application number, filing date and the international patent classification of the original foreign application from which priority is claimed (if priority is claimed);
  5. Information concerning the corresponding foreign application and patent filed by the Applicant abroad relating to the same or essentially the same invention as that claimed in the application filed at the Patent Department.


  1. Specification consisting of the title, description, Claims and abstract (English version) – 04 copies;
  2. Drawings (if any) – 04 copies;
  3. Power of Attorney (notarization is required);
  4. Certified copy of priority documents and English translation thereof (only for applications claiming priority under the Paris Convention), which can be submitted later within 03 months from the filing date;
  5. Documents relating to one or more of the corresponding foreign applications which may be one of the following:
  • A copy of any communication received by the applicant concerning the results of any search or examination carried out in respect of the application;
  • A copy of the patent granted on the basis of the foreign application;
  • A copy of any final decision rejecting the foreign application or refusing the grant requested in the foreign application


  • The application and related document should be in Khmer (the national language of Cambodia). At the time of filing, the application and related documents in English is acceptable, but the Khmer version thereof should be submitted within 06 months from the filing date;
  • Where the application and documents are in Khmer or in languages other than English, it should be translated into English for the purpose of searching and examination, and shall be submitted to the Registrar within 06 months from the filling date;
  • A copy of Power of Attorney can be accepted at the filing time but the original one must be submitted later within 02 months from the filing date. In case Power of Attorney (original or copy) is not available at the filing time, the fee for late submitting the document will be incurred;
  • Where at the time of filing the declaration of claiming priority, the number of the priority application is not known, that number shall be furnished within the period of sixteen (16) months from the priority date;
  • Where a symbol of the international patent classification has not been allocated to the priority application, or has not been allocated at the time of filing the declaration of claiming priority, the Applicant shall state this fact in the said declaration and shall communicate such symbol as soon as it has been allocated.
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