Laos legal documents

Procedures For Business Registration In Laos 2 Procedures For Business Registration In Laos Laos Tax Law Laos Regulation On Protection Of Patent, Petty Patent (Utility Modes) And Industrial Design Laos Property Law Laos Penal Procedure Law Laos Penal Law Laos Law On The Promotion Of Foreign Investement Laos Law On The Promotion And Management Of […]

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Laos IP documents

Regulation No. 766 MIME.DIP.PRK On Patent-UM (Final Revised 06 June07) Regulation No 707 MIME.DIP.PRK On Industrial Design (Final Revised 06 June 07) Intellectual Property Law No. 101-NA In Lao Decree No. 06-PM On Trademark In Lao Decree No. 01-PM On Patent & Design In Lao

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Laos Export & Import Laws

Regulations On Imports Exports Licensing Procedures Of Controlled Goods Of Laos Lao Notification On List Of Goods Subject To Import export Control And Prohibition Importing And Exporting Goods Imp Exp Invoice Imp Exp Declaration Form2 Imp Exp Declaration Form Decree Of Laos On Import Export Managemen Annex I Customs Office Codes Annex II Country Currency […]

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