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New Legal Documents promulgated from March 24, 2006 to April 6, 2006

1. Prime Ministerial Decision 516/QD-TTg dated April 5, 2006, referring to the provision of additional funding for the travel card program for APEC (Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation) entrepreneurs.

2. Prime Ministerial Decision 72/2006/QD-TTg dated April 3, 2006, establishing the Vung Ang economic zone in Ha Tinh province and providing regulations governing the zone's operations.
3. Prime Ministerial Decision 71/2006/QD-TTg dated April 3, 2006, referring to State secrets and top State secrets in the State audit sector.

4. Decree 36/2006/ND-CP dated April 3, 2006, governing structure and operation of the population, family and children inspection organization.

5. Decree 33/2006/ND-CP dated March 31, 2006, abolishing Government's Decree 19/1998/ND-CP dated March 26, 1998 that refers to the establishment of Giao Hung commune in Giao Thuy district in Nam Dinh province.

6. Decree 35/2006/ND-CP dated March 31, 2006, providing detailed guidelines for implementing the trade law (provisions governing the trade right transfer).

7. Decree 32/2006/ND-CP dated March 30, 2006, referring to the management of rare, precious forest plants and animals.

8. Prime Ministerial Decision 70/2006/QD-TTg dated March 29, 2006, stipulating allowances for people working on marine salvage ships.

9. Decree 30/2006/ND-CP dated March 29, 2006, providing regulations on scientific and technological statistics.

10. Prime Ministerial 11/2006/CT-TTg dated March 27, 2006, referring to vocational training and employment for workers relying on agricultural land, the use of which has been changed to non-agricultural purposes.

11. Decree 31/2006/ND-CP dated March 29, 2006, governing structure and operation of the labor, war invalids and social affairs inspection organization.

Ministry of Finance

1. Decision 23/2006/QD-BTC dated April 5, 2006, issuing import taxes to be applied on some goods categories in Group 2710 of the preferential import tariff.

2. Official Letter 1185/TCT-PCCS dated April 3, 2006, referring to the value added tax (VAT) applied to contracting agricultural land to an organization or individual.

3. Decision 21/2006/QD-BTC dated April 3, 2006, providing regulations on managing funding for the preservation of nationally stored goods.

4. Circular 25/2006/TT-BTC dated March 30, 2006, providing guidelines for State agricultural and forestry businesses, management boards of forests for special use and management boards of protective forests to hire workers that are ethnic minority people legally residing in Tay Nguyen (Central Highlands) provinces.

5. Official Letter 1108/TCT-DTNN dated March 29, 2006, providing guidelines for implementing the Ministry of Finance's Circular 05/2005/TT-BTC dated January 11, 2005 that refers to tax policies applying to foreign organizations without legal Vietnamese status and foreign individuals trading or making revenue in Vietnam.

6. Official Letter 1112/TCT-DNNN dated March 29, 2006, referring to the value added tax (VAT).

7. Notice 172/TB-BTC dated March 27, 2006, referring to the foreign exchange rate in April 2006.

8. Official Letter 1067/TCT-DTNN dated March 24, 2006, providing guidelines for opening a reserve fund to provide unemployment allowance.

State Bank of Vietnam

1. Decision 13/2006/QD-NHNN dated April 3, 2006, supplementing point 5 in appendix 3 of the regulation governing banking codes used in payments and other financial transactions made through the State Bank (this regulation is enclosed with State Bank Governor's Decision 02/2006/QD-NHNN dated January 18, 2006).

Ministry of Industry

1. Decision 04/QD-BCN dated March 24, 2006, governing the establishment of a parent company - the Phong Phu Textile Company.

Ministry of Trade

1. Decision 18/2006/QD-BTM dated April 6, 2006, authorizing the Chan May - Lang Co economic zone authority to manage import, export and other trade activities of businesses in the zone.

2. Decision 17/2006/QD-BTM dated March 31, 2006, providing some duties and powers to the Bo Y border economic zone authority.

Ministry of Transport

1. Decision 15/2006/QD-BGTVT dated March 30, 2006, issuing an intersection regulation and supplement.

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