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Seminar calls for protecting copyright holders

IP News from duytho.comThe Copyright Office of Vietnam has called on copyright holders to take full advantage of the technological means to protect their legitimate rights and interests as well as to update information regarding management of those rights.

Speaking at a seminar on Copyright in the Digital Environment, held in Hanoi on Tuesday, the director general of the Copyright Office Vu Manh Chu said the rights of producers, importers, distributors and providers of digital services become operational only when they have business licenses granting explicit use of these rights.

The seminar, jointly organised by the Copyright Office of Vietnam and Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, was part of the special programme of co-operation between Vietnam and Switzerland in the field of intellectual property.

Chu said copyright and related laws were included in Vietnam’s 1992 Constitution; the civil codes of 1995 and 2005 and the Law on Intellectual Property rights of 2005.

According to the head of the Information Technology Centre of the Ministry of Culture and Information Mai Linh, the country had over 7.5mil Internet users, accounting for 9.1 of its population, which was high compared to other countries in Asia.

Vietnam officially received and opened itself to the Internet in 1997. However, until 2002, the monopoly provision of Internet services continued, after which the country experienced a boom in service providers.

The State was fully aware of its responsibility and management role in protecting Intellectual Property rights during the global integration process, and last month, at the eighth session of the 11th National Assembly, passed the Law on Intellectual Property rights, Linh said, adding that the Government had given top priority for implementing the law.

Speaking on the occasion, Emanuel Meyer, attorney at law and legal advisor from the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, underlined the importance of implementing the international laws on copyright protection during the digital age.

Representatives from the Ministry of Culture and Information, Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property and relevant sectors attended the seminar. Another seminar on the topic will be organised in HCM City on Friday this week.

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