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Software copyright infringement detected in Hanoi

IP News from duytho.comInspectors have found many computers at two IT companies in Hanoi, IDC and SingPC, installed with illegal software.

According to inspectors, the total value of illegal software installed on PCs of those companies is more than VND400 million (US$25,000). Not only domestically assembled computers but also those with foreign brands like Acer were installed with illegal software to sell to customers. 

Inspectors from the Ministry of Culture and Information and the Ministry of Public Security detected 11 Acer PCs and 18 CD-ROMs containing illegal software at the IDC Informatics Development Company. They also found 15 SingPC brand PCs at the SingPC Informatics Company that are installed with various illegal software such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Office, Microsoft FrontPage, Lac Viet dictionary, Vietkey, Symantec Norton Antivirus, and WinRARto to sell to the market. 

Inspections of the two above IT companies are part of a new campaign attacking software copyright infringement in Vietnam. One inspection was carried out in early October. 

Notably, SingPC was fined for software copyright infringement in May 2005. 

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