Status of establishment and protection of intellectual property rights in Vietnam

altIt can be summed up very succinctly the current status of the establishment and protection of Intellectual Property rights (IPR) of the Vietnam business seminar “Intellectual Property in the global trade environment: solutions of essential for Vietnamese enterprises “by the Vietnam Business Association of high-quality, Spark Magazine and the Intellectual Property Office (Ministry of Science and Technology) held in HCM City yesterday, 28/05/2013.

Legally, to protect consumers and legitimate producers, had the state authorities and enforcement agencies such as market manager, police, court … But Mr. Dao Trong Dai, chief legal JSC Phu Nhuan Jewelry (PNJ), said businesses are very alone in the fight against counterfeiting. “We have to organize the investigation, to prevent detection. Transfer to the court, it may take six months to a year. Been patched, swollen cheeks!” Mr. Dai said.

Not easy to find support

Mr. Ngo Duc Hoa, chairman of the board of JSC Triumph International Garment, pressing “IPR enforcement issues, said more, say more, say forever remain so. I do sales price is 800,000 they copied and sold 400,000. PhD I knew Vietnam was fake, imitation and experience many of them are deal to be answered: Where do nothing! “

15 years of market participants is quite the fashion time the company responsible fashion Foci (HCM) headache every time with stories, fakes. Foci deputy director Ngo Thi Bau said: “Foci just expensive, just expensive effort to protect the brand and in this journey, not just lonely now faced troubles from the law enforcement agencies law “.

Many business owners said they are willing to spend money and effort to protect Intellectual Property rights, but in reality, if there is no support from the authorities responsible for the enforcement of anti-piracy is “impossible” . But at the conference, most of the businesses that coordinate with the authorities is not easy.

According to Mr. Dai, the time to find out every time on the market, PNJ can not coordinate with the market manager for the business complex that is not fully foreseen! She treasures since that time Foci in collaboration with management market counterfeit counterfeiting investigation though not worth much this shipment. At the request of market management, Foci to verify the shipment originated as evidence, while management market to check counterfeiting Foci there or not.

Business lone

In water, the journey has been difficult to find justice, foreign, arduous journey was more strenuous. After her two events Be (Ben Tre) won their Chinese counterparts, this is the story of Mr. Nguyen Lam Vien, chairman of the board and CEO Vinamit.

He Member since: when expanding into the Chinese market, thought Vinamit brand has been registered in Vietnam, meaning no need to register in other states because there older name but really! Understand this loophole, 2007, a partner in China Vinamit registered trademark Vinamit under the name China. “Since then, many customers know Vinamit in China Vinamit known brand in the Chinese language by … Vinamit not,” he laughed List. Vinamit goods were withdrawn from supermarket counters in series, giving way to counterfeiting business.

“Because they have registered in the Chinese market and they are right there. Unregistered But I should lose, from a decent business become indecent,” he poignantly List. Decision not lose, in 2010, through a friend, he found counsel Park in Beijing Members have the ability to help you win your case. According to Mr. Park, Chinese law that, if proven counterfeiters with ties to the Vinamit Vinamit will win. Finally, he found a birth certificate List of registered trademarks are the partners they do business with Vinamit ago. 2013, the court announced Vinamit win. Mr. Park concluded: “In addition to proper enforcement of IPR rules under international law, should pay attention to the individual is working for now. Many technological secrets stolen from the people working in the business. “

How to save?

Talking to reporters separately Saigon Tiep Thi, Minister of Science and Technology, Dr. Nguyen Quan acknowledged, active role of the weak enforcement agencies in protecting the value of intellectual property such as copyright and inventions … of the business. Deputy Director of Research Institute for Economic Management Central Vo Tri Thanh, said that the court not to promote his role in the enforcement of IP rights. The evidence for the above statement, the company logo of Vietnam (Vinagas) has been copied in Hanoi market. Although Vietnam has sent the file to the Hanoi Economic Court for many years but has not resolved.

Mr. Nguyen Van Bay, director of the Centre for Research and Training (Ministry of Science and Technology) for that, the court is not actively involved in the dispute is the value of IP by aversion ” court “of the plaintiff companies. Representing the Department of Science and Technology Ho Chi Minh City, Hoang Nhu IPR deputy said human IPR department’s inspector only seven people should not assume the role of IPR protection to hundreds of thousands of business industry in the area. “First of all, businesses must save themselves!” As she shared.

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