What is an invention?

Invention means a technical solution in the form of a product or process which is intended to solve a problem by application of natural laws (Article 4.12, the IP Law of Vietnam).

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The world’s best-known inventions of Vietnamese people

The invented automated teller machine (ATM), nano technology which helps eliminate toxicity from water or fuel saver for motorbikes have all brought high income and helped humans save energy.

The father of ATM

He is Do Duc Cuong, a Vietnamese, who has made 50 inventions. Cuong spent 20 years working for the US Citibank and senior specialist for the US banking sector. Since his returning to Vietnam in 2003, Cuong has been working a senior advisor to Dong A bank.

Born in the central province of Quang Ngai, Cuong was well-known as a student fond of learning. He was found as the person with the highest intelligence index in a test carried out by a Japanese group of scientists. This gave him the opportunity to receive a scholarship to follow the university study at Osaka University.

In Japan, Cuong went to university and took an extra job for Toshiba Company. An invention then unexpectedly brought him to the US. Cuong was then invited to the US to “use a technique to obtain one billion clients for the bank.”

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What criteria an invention has to meet to be patentable?

There are several characteristics that a patent office will look at to determine whether the invention is patentable.  At the outset, there has to be a patent application on file. In most cases that patent application is examined by a technical expert to ensure that it meets the substantive criteria for patentability. The first of […]

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