Trademark Use in Vietnam

1. Based on the advertising regulations in Vietnam, the Vietnamese competent advertising regulatory authority is entitled to request your client to provide the relevant documents for the advertising purpose, of which the Trademark Registration Certificate in Vietnam is one those documents. 2. In case that your client changed the mark into a different format, it […]

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What court rulings shall be made for IPR infringement in Vietnam?

Court rulings on application of civil remedies in Vietnam (Article 202 of Vietnam Intellectual Property Law) The Court rulings in a civil lawsuit in connection with IPR infringement in Vietnam is stipulated in Article 202 of IP Law of Vietnam. More specifically, Vietnamese Courts shall apply the following civil remedies in handling organizations and individuals […]

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Who has the right to register inventions in Vietnam?

In light of Article 86.1, the IP Law of Vietnam, the following organizations and individuals shall have the right to register inventions: (i) inventors who have created inventions by their own labour and at their own expense; and (ii) Organizations or individuals who have supplied funds and material facilities to inventors in the form of […]

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In which cases shall a patent be invalidated in Vietnam?

Under Article 96, the IP Law of Vietnam, a patent shall be entirely invalidated in the following cases: The applicant for registration has neither had nor been assigned the right to register the relevant invention; The invention failed to satisfy the protection conditions at the time the patent was granted. Additionally, a patent shall be […]

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